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GDC Hidrolik, Pnömatik, Sızdırmazlık Elemanları

About Us

Our company was founded in 1983 by Şükrü GÜDÜCÜ with the aim of engaging in Metal Forming and Machining activities. Since 1983, we have continued production by manufacturing various machines and spare parts. The importance given to quality since its establishment, customer-oriented efforts, support from supplier companies, and technical capabilities have enabled us to constantly increase our capacity, strengthening our position in the industry.

Our company, growing with continuous employment and machine infrastructure expansions, has set an example in the industry by leading innovations in line with its goals. Emphasizing research and development (R&D), we guide our employees in this direction.

To specialize in marketing activities, our company expanded its product range, establishing GDC Hydraulic & Pneumatic in 2002, which now handles sales operations.

Our company manufactures and sells Hydraulic Cylinder Equipment and Hydraulic Unit Equipment through domestic and international sales, as well as a dealership system. With a customer-centric approach and a focus on quality, we continuously expand our product variety and customer base, continuing to grow.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction and adhering to the principles of quality and service, GDC Hydraulic, with its rich technical knowledge, can address any issues encountered by its customers.

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