Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic lifts are based on the principle of transmitting the force applied to the hydraulics in the same way. A pressure applied to the hydraulics in a closed system will transmit the pressure at the same rate and unchanged at every point. In order to provide this feature more effectively and without problems, hydraulic lift materials must be strong and durable.

Hydraulic Lift Material Types

The hydraulic lift is used in all vehicle types, in heavy industry, in short, in many areas of the industry, on a continuous basis. This requires maintenance and replacement of hydraulic lift materials at certain intervals. The strength and quality of hydraulic lift materials, which consist of sections such as pipes, valves, filters, accumulators, cylinders, are very important. These materials can be exposed to instantaneous pressure fluctuations, high or very low temperatures, adverse external factors or stresses due to the purpose of use. In order to prevent these, hydraulic lift materials must be of high quality and reliable.

Our range of the highest quality and durable hydraulic lift materials within GDC Hydraulic:

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Throat
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Piston
  • Truck Mounted Mobile Crane Supplies
  • Hamut Connection
  • Cylinder Back Cover
  • Hydraulic Rod Joints

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders have been widely used in the industrial sector due to the positive effects of fluids on motion systems. They are hydraulic system elements that convert hydraulic energy into motion energy through fluids. The design of hydraulic cylinders may vary according to the area to be used. Cylinder types such as one-way, two-way, precision, drive, rod, pad can be preferred according to the need.

In the operating conditions where hydraulic cylinders are used, the strength of the material caused by the increase in pressure may cause changes in the size of the material. In such cases, structural deterioration may occur in the cylinder and its sealing parts. Hydraulic cylinders should be maintained regularly, the missing oils of the cylinder and its parts should be completed or their replacement should be checked. In addition, an oil filter can be used in order to operate the cylinder with clean oil and to prevent clogging. The connections of the parts to be used in the cylinder must be made properly.

Parts of Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Hive
  • Rod(shaft)
  • Cap (Front Cover)
  • Piston
  • Back cover
  • Couples

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