What are Hydraulic Pump Drums?

They are the parts that perform the task of connecting element in a machine belonging to the hydraulic system. Hydraulic pump drums provide the connection between the electric motor in the hydraulic system and the hydraulic pump. Besides the connection process, it centers the shaft of the electric motor and hydraulic pump and prevents the couplings from being damaged.

The most appropriate work should be done in the selection of the drum to be used in the hydraulic units, and attention should be paid to the compatibility of the diameter of the drum with the injection of the electric motor. The drums are made of steel and aluminum casting. The most preferred drum model is 1K drum models. During this process between the electric motor and the hydraulic pump, drum seal and hydraulic unit accessories can be used for noise intensity.

Models of GDC Hydraulic Pump Drums

  • Mini pump drum
  • 1K Drum Series (1K - 160, 1K - 200, 1K - 250, 1K - 300, 1K - 350)
  • 2K Drum Series
  • Kavi, Square Drum

For detailed information about hydraulic pump drum models and other hydraulic materials, you can contact us at GDChidrolik.com or our customer service.

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