Hydraulic is the fluid that provides the transmission of the force that will be created by an external factor. Hydraulic system is the application of movements such as pressure, force, pressure with the determined direction, shape and angle, thanks to fluids. Thanks to hydraulic systems, more efficiency can be obtained compared to electrical or mechanical processes. In order to achieve this, the hydraulic materials in the hydraulic system must be of high quality.

Hydraulic Materials

Hydraulic systems are generally a warehouse where the hydraulics are kept, a pump to draw the hydraulics from the tank to the system, cylinders or motors to provide movement, valves to adjust and direct the hydraulics according to the needs of the hydraulic system, accumulators to prevent sudden pressure fluctuations caused by external factors or to ensure continuity, pipes to ensure the transmission, sealing materials to prevent any leakage, filters to return the hydraulics to the tank after circulating the entire circuit and to obtain clean hydraulics after leaving the tank, coolers and hydraulic pressure amount to cool the oil in the continuously operating system, hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic It consists of hydraulic materials with indicators to see values ​​such as the amount of oil.

These systems, which can operate continuously, should be checked periodically at certain times. It is normal for hydraulic materials to deform due to instantaneous pressure fluctuations, power loss, external or internal factors. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the maintenance and replacement of hydraulic materials in order to prevent damage to the machine in which the hydraulic system is used. Hydraulic product groups with the best quality and robust hydraulic materials as GDC Hydraulic:

  • Hydraulic Lift Materials
  • Hydraulic Unit Materials
  • Cooler and Filter Materials
  • Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Hydraulic Valves
  • Hydraulic Gears
  • Pipe and Shafts
  • Hoses and Plugs
  • Unions and Valves

Usage Areas of Hydraulic Materials

Hydraulic materials are used when high power is needed and in industrial industry such as pressing. Hydraulic systems are also used for lifting, holding steady, braking apart from pressing, and changing the angles of large systems operating with the logic of propellers in covers, cranes. At the same time, it is used in mixed systems where different operations are performed, in all areas where larger works can be done with less material, and where we want the impact response time to be very short. It is widely used in hydraulic, marine and aviation fields, agricultural machinery, lifting mechanisms, work machines, wind turbines.

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