What is an Oring?

It is a sealing material used to minimize the liquid or gas leakage rate in cases where two or more parts need to be joined together due to the system used, and also used for insulation purposes. While performing the sealing process, it also works in coordination with other spare parts and machine units.

O-ring Features

O-ring has a round cross-section unlike the commonly used gaskets. O-ring sealing material, which is widely used in sealing elements, has a durable and flexible feature. While the O-ring sealing material is generally produced from rubber or plastic materials, materials such as NBR, silicone, Fluorocarbon, Fluorosilicone, Ethylene propylene are used.

When choosing an o-ring, it is necessary to pay attention to its resistance to high and low temperatures, to be resistant to oil to be used, to be resistant to steam according to the area of use, and to sealing pressure ratios. It is flexible and durable, which is not easily affected by external factors such as oil and acid, and offers the opportunity to be used for very long periods of time. O-rings are also used to securely lock mechanical connections.

O-ring Usage Areas

O-ring is used in white goods in varying sizes depending on the characteristics of the machine to be used, in the automotive sector, in the machines to be used in the industrial field, and in many areas with hydraulic units.

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