Sealing Materials

Sealing materials are materials that prevent any kind of fluid from leaking while hydraulic flow takes place between machine parts. The price of sealing materials is very low compared to the materials used, so continuous maintenance will increase the continuity of the machines. The quality and maintenance of the sealing materials are important for the long life of costly parts such as the gears and bearings of the machine. Since any vehicle or machine that leaks oil cannot be used in any way, sealing materials are important for the operation of the machines.

Types and Properties of Sealing Materials

The sealing elements in the pumps are produced in such a way that the spaces in the inner and outer parts of the pump provide minimum leakage. It can be obtained by welding the sealing areas together to ensure absolutely tightness. Weldless sealants may have a gap so that a certain leak can occur. Orings, rings, seals, gaskets are among the important sealing materials preferred to prevent the sealing of machine parts.

The designs of the sealing materials should be selected according to the movement of the surface of the machine part to be used in the part corresponding to the fixed part. On surfaces where sealing is at the forefront, force should be prioritized. The pressure applied by the Orings, which are used to prevent sealing at a certain point, to the area they contact may be low. Sealing elements to be used on ground metal surfaces must have a high amount of pressure. Orings used for angular sealing require a low angular pressure to seal. Sealing materials to be used on stationary surfaces may have to work both under a force in the opposite direction of the movement and under pressure differences. In this case, gaskets of suitable designs can be preferred to minimize leakage.

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